Chilling in Changi: Rule 32, enjoy the little things


Chilling in Changi: Rule 32, enjoy the little things

Singapore’s Changi airport totally rocks!

Since I was here last year it has got even better. I”ve got a few hours here before heading onwards and upwards to Auckland. So when I arrived I headed through the new shiny terminal 3 to terminal 1 where the transit hotel is located.

I must have been here a dozen times, but this is the first time I’ve used the transit hotel’s swimming pool. For S$14 (just under GBP7) non-guests get to use the outdoor pool, a complementary non-alcoholic drink, a towel, a locker, and access to hot showers with free shampoo. Who needs a poxy business class lounge?

So I feel refreshed, and I’m now enjoying free internet access.

The Singapore A380 was a  good experience. Brilliant video-on-demand system with a big, crystal clear screen. In the main cabin, I was the only person to have a spare seat next to me. The food was excellent, too.

Watched clash of the titans and zombieland. Former good, latter just brilliant. Wine? Fortant de France Cabernet. Fruity, correct, OK.

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2 thoughts on “Chilling in Changi: Rule 32, enjoy the little things

  1. Have fun in NZ and if you have time, head to Cable Bay on Waiheke Island. Amazing food and wine 🙂 Erin Robson

  2. That great swimming pool was there when I flew out of Singapore 2 years ago after participating in Food and Hotel Asia. I noticed at the time, that it was full of Aussies and Kiwis who relished the break on their long haul flights to down under. I enjoyed the swim just to get ready for my Singapore-Europe 12 hour flight.

    European airports are so primitive compared to Asian ones! Suppose the gap will get even bigger still!

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