At the bloggers conference, the crazy but fun BYOB party


At the bloggers conference, the crazy but fun BYOB party

I arrived in Izmir yesterday evening, and after a quick dip in the hotel pool, it was off to the opening event of the EWBC (the european wine bloggers conference, also known as the digital wine communications conference).

Katie Myers, bringer of natural wine

It was a bring your own bottle dinner. Informal, fun, lots of bottles opened and shared. A chance to chat to lots of people – and many of the people I met last night were known to me through the likes of twitter and facebook, but I’d never met them personally.

Tony Laithwaite and Justin Howard Sneyd

Of the wines I drank, there were some favourites. I love the Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling 2001 from Alsace. It’s just beginning to enter its drinking window. Complex, layered, with some richness but also some precision. Thank you Lisa Shara Hall for bringing this. Lisa also brought a lovely Oregon Pinot Noir: Adelsheim Bryan Creek Vineyard 2008. Sleek and fresh, with generous cherry fruit.

Katie Myers brought some lovely wines, all of which were sealed with Nomacorc (she works for them). Domaine de la Grande Colline St Peray 2005 from Hirotake Ooka is made with absolutely no sulfur dioxide, even at bottling. It’s a comple, taut, reductive white with amazing complexity. Challenging but wonderful. Another Katie special was Clos Roche Blanche’s L’Arpent Rouge 2010, which is a Pineau d’Aunis from Touraine. It’s just so fresh, bright and elegant with a hint of meat and pepper to the fresh cherry fruit.

One of the wines of the night was Klein Constantia’s Vin de Constance 2007, brought by WOSA’s Su Birch. A thrillingly vital, complex sweet wine. She also brought the Mullineux straw wine, but I didn’t get to drink this.

Two wines from Wojciech Bonkowski had my attention. First, a Polish Chardonnay, the Adorio 2010 from Silesa. This was pretty good: crisp and fresh with some toasty notes as well as apple, pear, citrus and nuts. Then a really complex Hungarian wine: Homonna Tokaji Furmint Hatari Vineyard 2004. This was powerful, minerally, nutty and quite rich with some apricot, honey and citrus notes.

I had more wines: many more. Some were really interesting, too. I apologise for not including them in this post.

Blake Gray and Donald Evans


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