An old fashioned day at the beach


An old fashioned day at the beach

Just back from a long day spent with two other families on the beach at West Wittering, near Chichester.

It’s a wonderful place, free of amusement arcades and overt commercial exploitation, perfect for an old-fashioned day at the beach.

We do this trip every year with the same families. The routine is to rendez-vous for breakfast at 0630, leaving at 0700 to arrive at around 0820, thus beating the traffic.

The weather this morning wasn’t great, and for the first two hours it was distinctly chilly with grey cloud. But around lunchtime, the sun came out fully, the sky turned blue and we were treated to a much better day than the forecast had predicted.

The kids – six boys, aged 12-15 – all get on very well, as do the six adults. We preceded lunch with a bottle of Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV, nicely chilled, out of plastic cups. It tasted fantastic. Fizz works very well on the beach in my experience.

We finally packed up and left at 6.30 pm, stopping for pub dinner on the way home. A most excellent day.

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  1. Oh. . .I do long to be beside the seaside! What a lovely tradition and great photos too. There’s just something about spending a day at the beach that celebrates leisure and family. The champagne is a great touch.

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