A little, fat, furry slug – now a week old


A little, fat, furry slug – now a week old

Forgive the non-wine related indulgence of a post on our little sluggy – RTL’s singleton pup.

She’s now a week old, and doing very well. Soon she will open her eyes, and in a while will be entering her peak phase of cuteness. We aren’t sure whether or not we are willing to become a two dog family, but it will be hard to let her go…

RTL is doing well now, but for the first few days she was a nightmare. She kept whining and panting, looking very anxious. We had to take her to the vet (£££) to check that there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with her. I suspect the fact that her litter was so small was causing her a good deal of anxiety. Now she’s calmed down, and going for walks again.

One of the videos from her last litter is now a YouTube hit, with almost 60 000 views (here). From this I deduce that day 38 is the peak of cuteness for labradoodle puppies.

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7 thoughts on “A little, fat, furry slug – now a week old

  1. What a cutie!….they grow up quick though….my pup, Dudley, is now a 7 month old shoe destroying monster….I guess it’s the “terrible two’s” in human years.

  2. Well, of course there is more fur to clean up and wet paws when it rains, double the vet bills, and twice as much food to buy…if you make a list there are probably more cons than pros in all honesty. But if you have fun with one dog, you’ll have more with two and they do tend to entertain one another…and me immeasurably.

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