Really interesting cool-climate Chilean Syrah

chile syrah

Really interesting cool-climate Chilean Syrah

I’ve just written up the wines from Chilean producer Viña Leyda on the main wineanorak site. They’re all brilliant, but I thought I’d draw readers’ attention to one of the wines, which is a deliciously fresh, peppery cool-climate Syrah.

Viña Leyda Canelo Single Vineyard Syrah 2007 Leyda Valley, Chile
Fresh, floral cool climate Syrah nose of dark fruits with some spice and pepper. Lovely purity and focus. The palate shows fresh, peppery dark cherry and raspberry fruit with a hint of meatiness. Lovely definition. 91/100

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2 thoughts on “Really interesting cool-climate Chilean Syrah

  1. Jamie – I agree that Leyda and the San Antonio region is one of the best / most exciting in Chile. I had the Leyda Kadun Sauvignon Gris 2009 (that you mentioned on the main site) the other day. I thought it was fantastic. What’s the deal with Sauvignon Gris, I recently read some generally disparaging comments about New Zealand’s efforts with this grape (that the reults were a bit so so) – but this Leyda wine is stunning. So I’m left a bit confused, a bit like Cab Franc for me, in that I’ve had some fantastic examples, yet few people seem to bother with it……

  2. We’ve had the Costero Riesling and like it very much. Mind you, I’d say that it has a distinct leaning towards Sauvignon Blanc in style.

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