A superb, inexpensive Ventoux

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A superb, inexpensive Ventoux

Continuing in my theme of brilliant wines under £10, here’s a Ventoux that I was seduced by. It’s one of those wines that manages to hold the sweet fruit and savoury notes in tension. It’s almost Burgundian, in a southern Rhone sort of way.

Gonnet La Jeannette Ventoux 2011 Rhone, France
14.5% alcohol. Not too deep in colour: cherry red. Lively, fresh, foral and fragrant cherry and pepper nose, with some sour cherries and spice. The palate is supple, pure, elegant and highly drinkable with notes of pepper and plums, with some garrigue notes. Warm and inviting yet fresh and vital, with a really natural taste. It transports you to a warm afternoon in the south of France. Thrilling. 92/100 (£7.80 Tanners)

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2 thoughts on “A superb, inexpensive Ventoux

  1. So glad you write about wines like this. I don’t understand people that only can find joy and pleasure in ”great” wines. That’s like just listening to Wagner all the time and beeing unable to appreciate a good pop song.

  2. Yes Anders, but “almost Burgundian” (guess Pinot Noir), but “in a southern Rhone sort of way” (so that’d be Syrah/Grenache presumably?). Not exactly “precision” or “precise” is it? Might as well go for “you pays your money, you gets your choice” or the same such logic that Fiona Beckett came out with in the Guardian a few weeks ago.

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