A beautiful Syrah from the Grampians

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A beautiful Syrah from the Grampians

Never heard of this wine before, but it’s brilliant. A great example of the new wave of serious, small scale Aussie producers who are shunning over-ripe, sweet, oaky styles for those with freshness and precision. It also shows that it is possible to make world class Australian red wine at just 13.5% alcohol. More people should be picking earlier (although, of course, there’s more to it than just this).

The winery has a blog, here, which is worth a read.

The Story Westgate Vineyard Shiraz 2008 Grampians, Victoria, Australia
13.5% alcohol. Wonderful stuff. Lovely taut, savoury, dark blackberry and raspberry fruit with a spicy dimension on the nose. The palate is concentrated, tight and savoury with some subtle reductive notes and focused dark fruits. Really good acidity. This brooding, intense wine has a lovely future ahead of it, although it’s quite tight, backward and structured at the moment. 93/100 (www.auswineonline.co.uk)

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2 thoughts on “A beautiful Syrah from the Grampians

  1. Just one of the new wave of young and really thoughtful, Victorian, small scale wine makers – also try Jamsheed and William Downey. The old Roseworthy rules are being bent a bit these days. Max Allen’s new book – The Future Makers is not only the most exciting exploration of the Australian new way, it’s one of the best wine reads ever. Proud to say Max is an Englishman too.

    An oak chip, enzyme, industrial yeast and undue acidification free cheers – Andrew

  2. Thanks for the discovery, I’m passionate about syrah wine and I’m really looking for new discoveries like this.
    I need to buy some now, and I’ll probably make an article about it too!

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