Four stunning Swiss wines


We don’t see a lot of Swiss wine in the UK. But I did get to try these wines at a Swiss-focused evening at the excellent Newcomer Wines a while back.

Domaine de la Ville Parcelle No 900 2017 Vaud, Switzerland
This is Chasselas from Corentin Houillon, nephew of Emmanuel Houillon, and it is made without any added sulphites. Grainy and detailed with a lovely mineral edge. So fresh, with a fine-grained lemony character. Subtle yet precise and really pure. 95/100

Luc Massy Dezaley Chemin de Fers 2004 Vaud, Switzerland
Chasselas built for ageing. There’s a supple green, delicate herbal edge to this wine, with a hint of weed. Some dried hay and wax notes, too: this is ageing well. It’s soft textured but appealing. 93/100

Luc Massy Dezaley Chemin de Fers 2008 Vaud, Switzerland
Rich, smooth, ripe and seamless. Quite textural and refined with nice depth and harmony. This still has some freshness. 93/100

Giani Boner Completer Malanser 2007 Switzerland
There is just 3 ha left of Completer in Switzerland (and therefore the world). People complained that it was too acidic, but now younger winemakers are showing interest in it. This is a remarkable wine. There’s a bit of sweetness and nice texture with a smooth, linear mouthfeel. This has such purity, with lemon, pear and a hint of melon, and a pure finish, as well as some smoky hints. 94/100

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