Hoffmann & Rathbone, a new English Sparkling wine

england sparkling wine

Hoffmann & Rathbone, a new English Sparkling wine

Impressed by this new English sparkling wine from Hoffmann & Rathbone. Mine was bottle 84 of just 1500! It’s predominantly Pinot Noir with a bit of barrel-fermented Chardonnay, and it’s beautifully packaged. It comes from West Sussex.

Hoffmann & Rathbone Rose Reserve 2010 Sussex, England
Bright pink in colour with a hint of orange. Lovely vivid cherry fruit with lively acidity and a hint of herbiness. It’s an overtly fruity style but there’s no clumsiness here: real finesse, lovely purity and freshness. Notes of strawberries, lemons and cranberry. Distinctive personality and real finesse. 91/100

Website: hoffmannandrathbone.co.uk

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6 thoughts on “Hoffmann & Rathbone, a new English Sparkling wine

  1. I wonder if Keith Prothero has tasted this wine or is he just biased against English Wine? If he really has tasted it and finds it disagreeable, perhaps he could make some sensible comments. If he hasn’t, then perhaps he ought to hold back. I have tasted this wine and it is VERY good.

  2. Indeed I am. never take me too seriously Stephen although I have to admit I cannot stand any charlie unless it has about 30 years bottle age and thus tastes more like a fine burgundy. Loved a 64 Ayala and 59 Pol I had this year, for example.

  3. That’s what’s really scary about the interweb – Keith can “have his fun” about English wine, which undermines our efforts, in a way that’s not clear unless someone like Stephen calls him on it!

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