Old VORS Sherries from Harveys


Old VORS Sherries from Harveys

Old Sherry is fabulous. It is one of the wine world’s great treasures, although it doesn’t really get the limelight that it deserves.

Here are three VORS wines from Harveys, which retail at £20.82 each for 50 cl. That’s not cheap, but these are very impressive, complex wines. All are available only from  www.thedrinkshop.com in the UK.

Harveys Palo Cortado 30 Years Old VORS
Pale brown/bronze colour. From a solera founded in 1906. Complex, lively, spicy and quite intense with notes of leather, warm spices, citrus peel and lemony acidity. Rounded with some rich raisin and molasses character. Finishing long with good acidity.  94/100

Harveys Fine Old Amontillado 30 Years Old VORS
Bronze/gold colour. From a solera founded in 1914. A bright, midweight style of sherry without any heaviness. Fresh, supple and nutty with some citrus fruit notes. Savoury and spicy with lovely nutty depth. Nicely complex with notes of orange peel and herbs. Savoury finish. 92/100

Harveys Rich Old Oloroso 30 Years Old VORS
From soleras dating back to 1909. Deep brown in colour, this is really rich and complex on the nose with notes of molasses, spice, tar and raisins. Lifted and complex. The palate has lively acidity and sweet raisin and treacle notes, with a distinctive cask/old furniture character. Dry with a long finish and a distinctly savoury twist. 95/100

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