Coto de Gomariz The Flower and The Bee Sousón


Coto de Gomariz The Flower and The Bee Sousón

This is such a beautiful, utterly drinkable wine. It’s from Ribeiro, a region in northwest Spain in Galicia, and it is made from the Sousón grape variety, which is the same as Portugal’s Sousao/Vinhao. Available in the UK from Indigo Wine, and not too expensive (around £12.50 in independent wine merchants). Just the sort of red that I’m always in the mood for.

Coto de Gomariz The Flower and the Bee (La Folora y la Abeja) Sousón 2011 Ribeiro, Spain
13.5% alcohol. Beautifully packaged. Fresh, vivid and bright with assertive cherry and raspberry fruit. Lovely purity and a spicy bite, with high acidity on the finish. Just a hint of apple, which makes it taste like it hasn’t completed malolactic fermentation, but which makes it bracingly fresh. Just lovely. 92/100

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5 thoughts on “Coto de Gomariz The Flower and The Bee Sousón

  1. Good for you for championing this find and hate to be pedantic, but Ribeiro’s in Galicia.

    I often wondered about malo, or possible lack of it in reds around there and in neighbouring Vinho Verde. Makes me wonder about other regions, why is malo pretty much always viewed as essential in reds, when these are just so refreshing and drinkable?

    Could it be / is it also the same for other regions, such as Txacoli, Beaujolais or even the Loire?

    I’m wondering if as natural wines gain ground, completing malo for certain red styles might not always be viewed as necessary. Is it all just about the fear of them going through in the bottle, or do people just prefer the smoothness and lack of appley flavours from 100% malos?

  2. Thank you Andrew, error corrected. Yes, this did make me think of red vinho verde, but it wasn’t quite as extreme. I think the chief reason for malo is for stability reasons.

  3. In my opinion and from what I have seen on the shelves here in Edmonton Alberta, there are some exciting wines coming out of Spain. I fear that some folks might think “new world” but there are some great choices.

  4. (La Folora y la Abeja) Sousón 2011 Ribeiro, Spain

    Is this wine imported to the USA?

    I can’t locate any in the SF Bay Area and on the internet. I plan on visiting europe again soon. Is that may only avenue to acquire this wine?

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