Off to South Africa again

chenin blanc south africa

Off to South Africa again


So this evening I am flying to South Africa again. Just for a few days this time. And I’m going while it’s winter there, which is bad planning. There’s nothing like a dose of summer dropped into February or March to raise the spirits. Fortunately, Cape Town winters are pretty much like bad English summers, so I’ll not suffer too much.

The reason for travelling is to judge a new Chenin Blanc competition. I’m really looking forward to it, because Chenin is such a versatile grape variety and always shows really strongly in the Top 100 South African wines competition that I take part in each March. Hopefully, this competition will focus more attention on this variety, which South Africa can proudly lead with, and potentially claim some sort of ownership over. After all, Loire Chenin, which can be great, rarely has the name of the variety on the label.

This is where I’ll be staying again, for the second time. It won’t be as sunny, but it’s a stunning view from each of the rooms, which all have their own private pool!

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4 thoughts on “Off to South Africa again

  1. unfortunately the next fews days it’s going to rain quite heavily in Cape Town and it has been a bit chilly lately, but will still be nice.

    Where is that hotel? I need to start planning my 4th wedding anniversary getaway.

  2. It is Delaire Graaf. Make quite reasonable wines and have two very good restaurants.
    Enjoy your trip Jamie.

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