A brilliantly affordable sweet South African

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A brilliantly affordable sweet South African

nuy red muskadel
Very impressed by this affordable sweet wine from South Africa. It’s remarkable value for money.
Nuy Red Muskadel NV South Africa
16% alcohol. This is something a bit different: an old-fashioned fortified sweet red muscat from South Africa, offering lovely flavours of rosehips and raspberry jam on toast, with a bit of spiciness. There are also subtle notes of sweet barley sugar, with some grapiness, too. Fresh but very rich, and showing lovely balance. So delicious served chilled, and brilliant value for money. 90/100 (£8.95 The Wine Society)
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2 thoughts on “A brilliantly affordable sweet South African

  1. Yes, this has always been something of a steal and once opened, it’ll keep for months without deteriorating. Remind me to open an old one for you, Jamie, when the next opportunity arises. I have red and whites in the cellar dating back to 1980. I wouldn’t say they get better with age, but they change beyond comparison to this younger example.

  2. I’m delighted to see this unsung star is now available in the UK and echo all Richard’s comments. Nuy (pronounced nay) is regarded as one of, if not the best of this style and is remarkably consistent. Older white versions invariably pick up museum class trophies at the Trophy Wine Show; they become quite nutty and rich rather than simply sweet. Unlike the great Rutherglen Muscats, these are not wood-aged but bottled shortly after fortification.

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