A brilliant, crazy South African wine

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A brilliant, crazy South African wine

This is a brilliant wine. It’s unusual, as you might expect from a wine called ‘funky white’, made in a solera style with some flor involvement. It’s not really like a fino sherry; it’s just 13% alcohol. I’d say it was a bit more Jura-like. So fresh and enticing, and available in half bottles from SWIG.

Badenhorst Funky White NV Swartland
A blend of Chenin, Chardonnay and Colombard, non-fortified but raised in a solera system, freshened up every year, and which contains five vintages. Wonderfully nutty Jura vin jaune-like nose, with tangy citrus notes. The palate is lively, vivid, a little salty and has really high, enlivening acidity. Amazing freshness and complexity here in this wine. Stunning stuff. 95/100 (£20.99 SA Wines Online for 75 cl, £13.99 SWIG for a half)

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  1. I’ve never tasted that, but have a bottle stashed away in my wine club’s cellar. It’s not cheap and pretty scarce, so does anyone want to take a stab at guessing an optimum window of well-matured drinkability? Being made so oxidatively and having that acidity, I would guess it might mature pretty nicely over quite a few years, but it’d be nice to hear from people who have tasted it.

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