Tio Pepe Fino En Rama, the new release


Tio Pepe Fino En Rama, the new release

It’s the third release (I think) of this wonderful sherry. Taken straight from the cask without filtering or fining, and when the flor (the layer of yeast cells growing on the surface of the liquid in the cask) is nice and thick. I also tried this from a half-bottle last week while I was doing some training on Port and Sherry at Hakkasan – we got to taste it alongside the regular Tio Pepe. This was quite different: all the flavours a bit more intense. And the regular Tio Pepe is fabulous, so that’s saying something.

Tio Pepe Fino En Rama Sherry NV
Unclarified, unfiltered. Bottled 3 May 2012. Full yellow colour; very slightly cloudy. Powerfully aromatic with a hint of citrus and tangerine on the nose as well as tangy, nutty, slightly cheesy Fino intensity. Fresh, tangy, complex palate with lovely freshness as well as good texture. This has a lovely savoury quality to it. 92/100

The only stockist I can find is The Sampler, who have it for £13.95 (note added later – Tanners also have some)

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7 thoughts on “Tio Pepe Fino En Rama, the new release

  1. I agree that it has a lovely flavour. I am down to my last of 3 bottles bought recently from DeFINE in Cheshire (www.definefoodandwine.com) perhaps I should have bought some more as it is a real bargain

  2. Peatlings has a few bottles left. Half bottles were only for on-trade, but to me are preferable. Successful product, and shows the English that sherry is ‘quality’ and not just some fortified jobbie from the ’70s.

  3. I’ve just opened a bottle now – purchased from The Sampler yesterday (£15.50 instore) and the perfect thing to drink at the end of a hot day. Very savoury, but very refreshing with it.

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