A decent Romanian red


A decent Romanian red

This attractive, supple red comes from Romania, and more specifically from foothills of the Transylvanian Alps near Drăgăsani. It’s made from the native Novac grape variety; native grapes are the real focus of this domain, even though they have some international varieties planted. The Prince Ştirbey vineyard is 25 hectares, and it is now back in the family after being nationalised in 1949 (the state gave it back in 2001). This is a good wine, not a great one, but it promises more to come as the reborn property continues its journey.

Prince Ştirbey  Novac Sec 2009 Dealurile Olteniei, Romania
14% alcohol. Cherry red colour. Bright, fresh and fruity with some grippy tannins and fresh cherry and berry fruits. There’s a hint of green sappiness. Youthful, pure, but a little square and grippy, this may develop in interesting ways. 88/100 (£12.95 The Wine Society, current vintage has moved to the 2010)

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5 thoughts on “A decent Romanian red

  1. Ahhh!! Good to read something about wine besides the usual PN stuff.

    There are many good/decent wines from eastern europe. How about some more articles like this one.

  2. It’s commendable that they focus on local native cultivars.
    So many regions try to crank out yet another Merlot, Cab or Syrah. There’s an ocean of that stuff and the customer may have greater familiarity with those varieties, but they won’t keep coming back if all you make is a crappy Cab.
    Better to make a solid, appealing Saperavi or Novac than an anonymous Merlot.

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