Two promising Rieslings from Chile

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Two promising Rieslings from Chile

I may be in a minority, but I reckon Chile’s whites are a bit more interesting than reds at the moment.

And Riesling, although it’s still quite rare here, could be particularly interesting.

Here’s a contrasting pair that I’ve recently tried, from rather different terroirs.

Gran Valle de Niebla Reserve Riesling 2011 Bio Bio, Chile
Made by Cono Sur, this is aromatic with fine citrussy notes, as well as floral, grapey and lychee characters. The palate is rich and balanced with a bit of sweetness and lovely rounded citrus fruit. Stylish, balanced and textured. 90/100 (£8.79 Laithwaites)

Viña Leyda Single Vineyard Neblina Riesling 2010 Leyda, Chile
Really precise and limey, this is a laser-sharp bone-dry Riesling with high acidity and lovely purity. Lots of citrussy fruit with nervous acidity and great purity. So focused and intense; needs food. 90/100 (£9,50 Oddbins)

I’ve also written a longer article about Riesling and its prospects of hitting the big time here.

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3 thoughts on “Two promising Rieslings from Chile

  1. Here’s another Chilean riesling to consider: Matetic Vineyards Corralillo 2011 Casablanca Riesling. It’s a bit short in the finish, with the suggestions of peach and lime all up front. Dry, lean and crisp. Came across it at El Wine Shop in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, for 248 pesos, about $20 in U.S. currency. An ideal wine for the climate (warm) and the dominant culinary staple (seafood). Happy hunting in the U.K.

  2. Jamie, I think your article covers many concerns. However various wine forums in the UK and over the pond are quite busy with German riesling threads. The main discussion seems to evolve over the term Kabinett and how sweet these wines can be. Myself, I think the German classifications are a joke…I feel a rant coming on!!


  3. Little off thread here, but It`s about riesling,so.. Just got back from Berlin and brought back a case of 2010 Mosbacher Kalkstein Riesling (i.e. I tasted it in a winebar and bought all I could find the next day)

    INSANE value for £15, tried a few of the producer`s other wines of the vintage, the prizier but still very affordable GGs Pechstein and Ungheuer, also stunning.

    Imagining the cost of, say, a white burgundy of such quality- well… I`d keep my wallet shut, I think.

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