The beginning of a new era: the 2013s from Reichstrat von Buhl

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The beginning of a new era: the 2013s from Reichstrat von Buhl

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I was really impressed by these 2013s from one of the leading Pflaz wineries, Reichstrat von Buhl. This large, important winery has recently made a fresh new start, and this was the first vintage of the new regime. Former Bollinger chef du cave Matthieu Kauffmann is now in charge of winemaking. He arrived in 2013, in time to oversee this vintage, and the results are excellent.

Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling VDP Gutswein 2013 Pfalz, Germany
12.5% alcohol. Very lively, bright and lemony with lovely purity and keen acidity. Hints of honey and lime. Bone dry. 88/100

Reichsrat von Buhl Forster Ungeheuer Riesling Trocken VDP Grosse Lage Riesling 2013 Pfalz, Germany
Very lively nose with grapefruit, melons, nuts and honey. The palate is lively and detailed with lovely lemon, grapefruit and mineral notes, but also with some melon and pear richness. Beautiful, complex and brilliantly balanced. 94/100

Reichsrat von Buhl Riesling Forster Musenhang Riesling Trocken VDP Erste Lage 2013 Pfalz, Germany
Lively, focused and very bright with a slight pithy edge to the lemony fruit. Linear and taut with high acidity. Needs time to broaden out and gain complexity. 91/100

Reichsrat von Buhl Forster Pechstein Riesling Trocken VDP Grosse Lage 2013 Pfalz, Germany
Incredibly taut and complex with distinctive grapefruit, melon, tangerine and pith characters. There’s freshness and depth in tandem here, together with a subtly cabbagey edge that isn’t unattractive. A complex, multidimensional Riesling with a distinctive personality. Dry but generous, this should age brilliantly. 95/100

Reichsrat von Buhl Spätburgunder Suez Rosé VDP Gutswein 2013 Pfalz, Germany
Pale orange/pink colour. Fresh red cherry, apple and pear nose. The palate is delicate with lovely elegant citrus and red cherry fruit, with good acidity. Linear and quite serious. 90/100

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2 thoughts on “The beginning of a new era: the 2013s from Reichstrat von Buhl

  1. Hi Jamie
    Have always enjoyed Pechstein from JL Wolf, and what you describe resonates.
    Have you had a chance to compare any Wolf with von Buhl ?
    Best regards


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