Four German Rieslings of note

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Four German Rieslings of note

Just tasted these four. I love Riesling.

S. A. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr ‘Devon’ Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewächs 2010 Mosel, Germany
12.5% alcohol, 8.8 g/l sugar, 8.6 g/l acid. This is fabulous. Tight, complex and dense with some wax and cabbage notes adding nice complexity to the vivid limey fruit. Really refined and has a great life ahead of it. Dry. 94/100 (£36.50 Delibo Wines)

Weingut Nik Weis St Urbans-Hof Riesling Spätlese Goldtröpfchen 2015 Mosel, Germany
7.5% alcohol, 107.9 g/l sugar, 8.9 g/l acid. There’s some sweetness here but also lovely balance with the keen acidity countering the sugar. Nice citrus and spice with some melon richness. Has a lovely acid core. 92/100 (£20.75 The Wine Barn)

Fritz Ekkehard Huff Nierstein Schloss Schwabsurg Rabentun Riesling 2015 Rheinhessen, Germany
13% alcohol, 5.2 g/l residual sugar, 8.1 g/l acid. Very refined. Dry and mineral with lovely citrus intensity. It’s an expressive dry style with a linear, steely core. 92/100 (£34.99 The Winery)

Weingut Zur Römerkelter Beetle Riesling 2015 Mosel, Germany
11% alcohol, 9.8 g/l sugar, 7.9 g/l acid. Very linear and taut with appealing citrus fruit. Grainy and focused with a bright personality. Dry. 90/100 (£12.99 Vintage Roots)

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