Dr Loosen Red Slate Riesling

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Dr Loosen Red Slate Riesling

I’m giving away the fact that I’m a wine trade person (of sorts, do journalists count as wine trade?) by pimping another Riesling. We wine trade folk love Riesling, but no on else seems to. Still, it’s MY blog and so I get to decide what appears here, OK?

This is a really lovely dry German Riesling. And it’s not expensive. Sometimes dry Riesling can be a little austere; this one has the generosity of fruit to keep it balanced without sugar. And the ‘red slate’ refers to the soil, I’m guessing, that these grapes were grown in. It comes from vineyards in Erden and Urzig, and is fermented in large oak casks by indigenous yeasts.

Dr Loosen Red Slate Riesling Dry 2011 Mosel, Germany
12.5% alcohol. Lively, fresh, sweetly fruited nose with lychee, grapes and lemons. The palate has some melony richness, as well as nice open lemony fruit and a dry, slightly pithy finish. Dry but fruity; not heavy, and very drinkable. 90/100 (£10 Corks Out, Weavers)

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7 thoughts on “Dr Loosen Red Slate Riesling

  1. very good choice. Riesling is one of my favourite sorts of grape. I especially love Riesling from Mosel. they are always so lively and elegant somehow. this one sounds interesting for me. after all Mosel is the home of Riesling.

  2. Hi Jamie
    We love this wine too, and drink loads of it when we are in Amsterdam (our 2nd home)although there it is sold under a blue label. Not sure if there is a difference between red and blue.

  3. I believe most wine drinking people at the very least like Riesling, except for the few who still think it’s all some sugar’d up bulk stuff. For me there is absolutely no competition within white grape varieties, it’s Riesling all day. Really interesting to read though that Dr. Loosen ferments an entry level wine like this in oak, which I think is great. There are so many ridiculously good and very affordable smaller producers in Germany (and of course even in the Mosel) that it is easy to dismiss a bigger operation like Loosen.

  4. Noel,

    Yes – the Red Slate and Blue Slate are two different wines. The Blue Slate is a Riesling Kabinett, from the blue slate soils from Dr. Loosen estate vineyards. As such, it’s juicy, crisp, refreshing with great minerality. The Red Slate is a “trocken” or dry wine from the red slate soils of the Dr. Loosen estate vineyards.

  5. I’m happy to see you promoting Riesling. I serve it often because it’s so food-friendly, but there’s a lot of push-back about it. I especially like the half-dry with a salad or a spicy first-course soup–but almost have to shove it down dinner guest’s throats. I finally got some beautiful Riesling glasses and have better luck with those. It’s amazing how people like good-looking glassware! (It’s often easy on the wallet, too, and it likes cheese. What more do we want???!)

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