Charles Smith The Honourable Riesling

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Charles Smith The Honourable Riesling

charles smith honourable riesling

I admit it: I hadn’t really heard the Charles Smith story until I read about him on the blog of a Canadian friend, Nicole, even though I’d run into a couple of the wines (one stocked by Virgin Wines, and one by Wholefoods). How could I have missed him? What a back story! He seems like the essence of dudeness, and so I was delighted when I bumped into this wine of his, a deliciously focused and utterly drinkable Riesling. I like the balance: it’s a wine that you can just drink, but if you give it some attention, it will reward you with another dimension.

Charles Smith The Honourable Riesling 2013 Washington State, USA
13.5% alcohol. Lively and fresh with lovely grapefruit and lemon notes, as well as a hint of grapey richness. Very pure, friendly and full of interest with nice balance, and a hint of white pepper on the finish. Stylish Riesling that’s utterly delicious. 91/100 (£11.99 Marks & Spencer)

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5 thoughts on “Charles Smith The Honourable Riesling

  1. You should also look for Smith’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Less expensive than The Honourable and equally as delicious.

  2. That’s bizarre – I remember you raving about Kung Fu Girl riesling about 5 years ago, Jamie. I was so taken with your description that I even bought some…

    Interestingly, I wasn’t that keen initially, but time has been kind to it.

  3. Alex, are you sure it was me? I can’t find any reference to kung fu girl riesling on this site. I tried it at a wholefoods tasting a couple of years ago but never wrote it to afaik

  4. Mmm… Actually, I’m beginning to doubt it now faced with a poor response from Google. I wonder who it was? Time to go searching.

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