A delicious, cheap German Riesling

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A delicious, cheap German Riesling

Most £6 wines are distinctly dull. Some are nasty. But a few are really delicious, and this is one of them. I’ll be going back to buy some more. Just a shame the summer is over, because this is the ultimate wine for lunch in the sunshine.

Dr L Riesling 2011 Mosel, Germany
8.5% alcohol. Fresh, crisp and quite delicious, with rounded melon and ripe apple fruit, with some grapefruit freshness and just enough sweetness to balance the acidity, giving the wine a seamless texture. Pure and quite lovely. 89/100 (£5.79 Asda)

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3 thoughts on “A delicious, cheap German Riesling

  1. Nice wine in my opinion, always seems to deliver memorable moments. Could also say the same about Leitz from the Rheingau.

    Bob Alberta.

  2. 25% off six at Tesco. Ends tonight. Just got this for under a fiver along with Dom Perignon 2003 for £82.50 and Phelan Segur ’09 for £22.50.

    Just thought I’d mention it.

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