Sager & Wilde Wine Bar


Sager & Wilde Wine Bar


Popped into Sager & Wilde Wine Bar today for the first time in a while. It’s a lovely space, and what a wine list! The by-the-glass list is  shortish but it’s really good, and changes frequently, but it’s the lengthier by the bottle list that really grabbed my attention. This is a superbly chosen (I avoided the temptation to use the term ‘curated’, which I think is now officially one of those words it’s no longer possible to use without sounding dickish) wine list. Yes, it’s quite expensive. But then the sorts of wines you get here are worth spending proper money on.

And the food: the short list of bar food is brilliant. We had some almonds and some smoked aubergine on toast, and both were spot on. You could certainly eat well here, even though it’s very much a wine bar, not a restaurant.

This is my sort of place, serving my sort of wines, and I love it. We weren’t here for long, so between us just had three glasses: a lovely Champagne from Frank Pascal, the 2012 house Pinot from Raj and Sashi at Domaine de la Côte in California, and a pink wine from Frank Cornelissen. Sorry: no real notes, or even precise details. It was just an hour of fun. This sort of place makes wine fun, and is the perfect environment for drinking. Now I just need to secure some more commissions and speaking gigs so I can afford to raid that lovely list.

Sager & Wilde
193 Hackney Road
E2 9JL

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2 thoughts on “Sager & Wilde Wine Bar

  1. or, alternatively, try and persuade them to go for cash margins on some of those more expensive bottles.

    Love the way the wine prices are so precise when so over-priced “ECHEZEAUX GRAND CRU | DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1989” £841. That £1 over 840 makes all the difference no doubt!

  2. Hi Damien
    the £1 pound does make a difference. firstly that wine retails for £837 at Fine and Rare and yet Sager has it for consumption for £841.

    not sure how you define over-priced but a £4 mark up on a wine like this is tiny….
    your lucky they are not doing the usual 2/300% that most places do.

    maybe worth sticking to the house Red….

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