Dinner at le Mange-Grenouille, Saint Aignan sur Cher

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Dinner at le Mange-Grenouille, Saint Aignan sur Cher

Another nice dinner, this time at le Mange-Grenouille in Saint Aignan. No frogs: just some delicious wines and really impressive food, including a really nice pigeon and one of the most visually appealing desserts I have had in a while. Two slightly less well celebrated Loire varieties shone. First, Romorantin, and second Côt (aka Malbec – and in the Loire you don’t pronounce the ‘t’ of Côt)

Vouvray Brut Régis Cruchet NV Loire
This sparkling Vouvray is fresh and intense with with apples and honey, coupled with citrusy acidity. A strongly fruity style. 88/100

Benoit Daridan Cour-Cheverny 2009 Loire
A varietal Romorantin. Yellow colour. Rich, bold and quite textured with sweet pear and peach fruit. Lovely rich fruit quality here with some melony richness. Really impressive wine. 92/100

La Chapinière Côt Garnon 2009 Touraine, Loire
Deep coloured. Beautifully intense vivid blackcurrant, blackberry and black cherry fruit. Some richness of texture. Very pure with good acidity. Lovely with a nice grippy edge to it. Lovely wine. 92/100

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4 thoughts on “Dinner at le Mange-Grenouille, Saint Aignan sur Cher

  1. Interesting Loire pronunciation Jamie. Are you 100% sure? The label has the,words “cot garson” where clearly the “t” would be silent. There are quite complex rules for if the t is sounded or not ( I don’t understand them either and when in Bugundy have taken to local usage ) but the grape variety ” cot “on its own, I had assumed had the “t” pronounced. Just interested that’s all.

  2. Had a lovely glass of Philippe Tessier’s Cour-Cheverny at 259 Hackney Road yesterday – my only previous experience was from the local co-op, pretty decent but of course good individual growers have so much more to offer. Looking forward to the sparkling Romorantin from the same producer. FWIW the shop’s (French) owner didn’t pronounce the T in Côt either!

  3. Hi, thinking of going on a barge cruise wine appreciation vacation with the out-laws through European Waterways link as above. Its in the same region as the article so thought would ask for some feedback on the area and if its money well spent?



  4. Haha no way, what a pleasant surprise! My brother studied wine marketing in Arbois with Benoit Daridan. Lovely guy, haven’t seen him in years. His father used to make the most deliciously drinkable gamay I’ve ever drunk. I’ll pass this on.

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