Video: Quinta do Noval’s Nacional vineyard

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Video: Quinta do Noval’s Nacional vineyard

A short film of a remarkable vineyard plot: Quinta do Noval’s Nacional, a 2.5 hectare plot in the Noval vineyard in the Pinhao Valley. The 6000 vines are ungrafted, planted from 1925, and yield a tiny quantity of grapes, which in selected years (but more often than the vintage declaration) make the famed Nacional Vintage Port. I’ve also posted a gallery of pictures of the vineyard on the main site, and will soon write up a tasting of Nacional and Noval’s VP back to 1962.

Quinta do Noval’s Nacional Vineyard from Jamie Goode on Vimeo.

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  1. On a recent visit I was priveleged enough to taste the 1963 Noval ‘Nacional’ port against the 1963 ‘ordinary’ Noval port, and the big surprise was the difference in colour. The Nacional had retained much of its bright ruby colour, quite amazing for its age, while the regular Noval vintage had faded the brick/garnet/tawny you would expect. The difference in quality and persistence was also remarkable. Quite why this should be the case is puzzling. Terroir, own roots, or both?

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