The New Douro Tasting 2016

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The New Douro Tasting 2016

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So, today: the New Douro Tasting at the gritty Vinyl Factory in Soho. I went and tasted widely. I’d just been in the Douro with the Douro Boys, so I didn’t taste their wines here. Instead, I focused on other producers, and found lots to like. It seems that even some Douro table wines that in the past were over-ripe and over-oaked have become more balanced. I certainly found a lot of very likeable, balanced wines today.

José Luis Moreira da Silva
José Luis Moreira da Silva
Jorge Serôdio Borges

The whites are also an emerging story. I had some lovely ones. People are exploring the higher vineyards, and also those where there’s some granite as well as schist. It’s really interesting. Here’s a short film from the tasting, where I interview José Luis Moreira da Silva (Quinta dos Murças), Jorge Serôdio Borges (Passadouro and Pintas), João Brito E Cunha (Quinta do São João) and Manuel Lobo (Quinta do Crasto).


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