Some Portuguese wine people


Some Portuguese wine people

Snapped today at the wonderful wines of Portugal tasting in London, some top Portuguese wine talent.

Filipa Pato, who makes great wines from Bairrada, white and red.

Pedro Araujo of Ameal, one of the top two estates in Vinho Verde. He’s master of Loureiro.

Luis Cerdeiro of Soalheiro in Vinho Verde. Makes the world’s greatest Alvarinho!

Rising star Rita Ferreira of Conceito in the Douro.

Miles Edlmann, who runs things at Valle Pradinhos in Tras os Montes.

Luis Pato needs no introduction. Master of Baga.

Stephane Ferreira of Popa in the Douro

The cheerful Luis Lourenco of Maias and Dos Roques in the Dao.

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8 thoughts on “Some Portuguese wine people

  1. Every photo suggests a story. The characters all differ: the bon vivant, the bespectacled business guy, the ex-lawyer, the sportif, the old guy in the vineyard, the young hipster, the lovable nerd, the louche swept-hair boomer, the careful ex-academic, the female version of any of the above. I know nothing about their wines, but their faces establish brand images. I even know whose wines I’m predisposed to like. Faces establish a sense of person-to-person potential, however conjectural or hypothetical. Then I’d go searching on the internet for more data, like which of these folks is interested in keeping interventions and additives minimal, and alcohol level at or under 13%.

  2. I have tasted so many wines from Portugal,but have yet to find any that I have enjoyed.
    Suspect it is because I do not enjoy young wine,and am not aware of any Portuguese wine with any significant bottle age.Do you know any Jamie?
    Have even put the odd wine that you have strongly recommended in my Annual Blind Challenge,but they did not show well.
    Not too worry—-so much great wine in the world

  3. The Romans said: “de gustibus non est disputandum” (you can’t argue about taste), but I’m afraid Keith Prothero desperately needs a check of his tastebuds!!

  4. Nick—–what do you call old?

    Paul—–my taste buds are fine thank you very much. I am never short of fine wine to drink

  5. dear mr duck, if you’re reading
    I opened a bottle of your baga dabba doo last weekend and it was so dried out and tannic and ancient tasting that even keith prothero wouldn’t drink it. I’m gonna drown a chicken in it instead, then cook it to death. i’ve got a couple of your lasses bottles to try and i reckons she might be about to kick your butt- whatcha say to that, eh?
    cheers mate

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