In Portugal, again


In Portugal, again

A quick post from the road. I am back in Portugal, for the infowine forum, where later today I will be delivering a talk on the prospects for Portuguese wines in export markets.  I’ll also be writing a paper for them on this subject, which I’d be happy to circulate.

I arrived last night, but we were a bit late for dinner because the highway was held up by a go slow protest against the economic crisis by drivers blocking all the lanes at 20 km/h. We tried going round on the hard shoulder but got blocked off. It was bizarre.

Dinner was in Regua at the Douro museum. The wine selection was really well chosen, with bottles from Quinta Nova (Pomares 2008 is brilliant and affordable), Gaivosa, Vale D. Maria, Vallado and Infantado (a stunning LBV 2004).

I was sitting with Peter Godden of the AWRI, Andries Burger of Paul Cluver, and Steve Charters. It was a good evening, but we didn’t leave until 0130 – Spanish time, I suppose.

This morning I am apparently being whisked off by Sogevenius to see one of their quintas. They sponsored my talk today. I’m hoping to get back in time to actually deliver it.

Added later: I never whisked off, but tomorrow I’m off to see Sogevenius. Pictured top is a scraggly old vine in a small vineyard over the road from the hotel here in Vila Real, and below is another old vine in flower (almost).

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  1. Hello,
    Is it possible to send me the paper about Portuguese wines prospects in export markets?

    Thank you very much,

    Joana Pinto

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