In Portugal


In Portugal

So, I am on holiday. In the Algarve, Portugal. It’s very hot and sunny, and we are in close proximity to water, which is a good start. I am with my family, and the families of Fiona’s siblings, Cliff and Sandra. Kids in the age range of 13-24, with a clustering in the late teens. So plenty of potential for disaster, although things have been great so far.

The good news: I have managed to find a brilliant supermarket, Apolonia.  It has the BEST selection of Portuguese wines you can imagine. I can’t blow the communal budget on expensive bottles, but there’s much more fun to be had around 10 Euros than you could possibly imagine from the selection of Portuguese wines in the UK, where they are a lot more expensive.

The good news (2): I have also found a lovely running route. It’s a bit hilly, and there are quite a few scary barky dogs to be avoided, but I have bought a mobile data bundle I can use runkeeper to track my running.

More updates to follow.

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  1. Great to see good wines in a supermarket. I’d like to see more portuguese wines in the UK multiple retailers.

  2. I am currently in Western Australia but having checked my favourite websites can’t but help commenting on this. Apolonia is brilliant. We were at Gale 2011 and 2012 and I was astounded at the choice, quality and value. Jamie plus some others encourage diversity and originality and this supermarket just shouts try everything….If you are in Gale eat well and if needed will recommend some peri peri chicken places!

    Russell Moffatt
    N.B. You might remember I tried to offer the nest as a place to stay in W.A. We have just been again and some more interesting wineries to visit. But really like David Hohnen wines yesterday. Also great win for city!

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