Harvest time at Quinta de Roriz (Video)

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Harvest time at Quinta de Roriz (Video)

Here’s a short film from this year’s harvest at Quinta de Roriz in Portugal’s Douro region. This is where the famous table wine Chryseia is made. It’s a beautiful property. We also get to see the Mistral sorting machine at work: this uses a jet of air to blow away raisined berries which would contribute sugar but no flavour to the wine.

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3 thoughts on “Harvest time at Quinta de Roriz (Video)

  1. Beautiful vineyard! What’s the story on Chryseia? Nice shooting too, presume you use a semi-professional or professional stills camera with video function? What do you use for editing? If you know how to handle a separate sound track, I think a separate microphone could help with all the machine sounds – it’s easier to edit down. Either way, thanks for the video!

  2. Hi jamie,
    thanks for blogging such good stuff as you usually do.
    It was the first time for me looking at this Mistral blowing system, I went to look at the official machine producer website: http://www.vaucherbeguet.com/en/.
    I found it very curious and interesting but, being critic, how much do you think that machine can influence on a wine production? I’m not just talking about the positive site which seems to be: eliminate green part and not totally ripe grape. But also the negative, does the wine preserve at the end his peculiar terroir connotation with all this selection?
    How much does it change?
    Thanks a lot!

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