Dow’s 1960 Vintage Port

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Dow’s 1960 Vintage Port


This was stunning. Dirk Niepoort brought it along to lunch the other day (for the sake of disclosure, the picture is of another bottle of this wine – an empty magnum – he had with him; the actual bottle was unlabelled – and thanks Sam Suddons for the pic). 1960 is thought of as a lighter year for Vintage Port, but Dirk says there are actually many great 1960 Vintage Ports. This is one of them.

Dow’s 1960 Vintage Port, Douro, Portugal
Just beautiful in its maturity. Textural and fine with smooth red cherry and plum fruit, and some fine spiciness. Lively with lovely elegance, this is almost perfect. This is why you cellar Vintage Port. 96/100

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