An English Pinot Noir from Chapel Down

england pinot noir

An English Pinot Noir from Chapel Down

chapel down pinot noir 2009 england

English fizz is getting a lot of attention. What about the table wines, or still wines, or whatever you want to call them? Here’s a Pinot Noir that’s actually incredibly drinkable. Love the admirably pure cherry fruit: it actually tastes like Pinot Noir. The Englishness shows in the green characters, but they are more good green than harsh, aggressive green. It reminds me of a lush cricket outfield on an early summer morning.

Chapel Down Pinot Noir 2009 England
Sweetly aromatic nose of pure red cherry fruit. Quite floral with some green herby notes, but these aren’t at all aggressive. The palate is fresh, fruity and a bit green but nicely expressive. Some elegance here to the sweet fruit. Simple, pure, sappy and appealing. By English standards, this is brilliant. 88/100 (RRP £13.99)


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  1. You’ve convinced me to try again – I was at Chapel Downs 2 years ago and was definitely not impressed by the still wines, and it didn’t help that no one working in the shop seemed to know much at all about wine. This was my effort to give English wines a chance and I was very disappointed, spent most of my time photographing the llamas next door as a result! But maybe 2 years will have made a difference, so I’ll check it out on a UK trip in July. Thanks.

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