Wine photographs: Germany

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Wine photographs: Germany

Just been spending some time putting some of my wine photographs online (Photos from Germany: Part 1, Rheingau; and Part 2, Nahe).

In my travels, I’ve collected quite a library of wine pictures, using my trusty Pentax DSLR and with back-up from my handily pocket-sized Panasonic Lumix DMC-Tz5. The problem is, I have been slow uploading them onto an easily accessible page – the ‘Photos’ section of is woefully out of date. That’s something I intend to address.

I really enjoy photography. It’s been a hobby ever since as a teenager my dad bought me a Ricoh rangefinder compact, and let me work with him in his improvised dark room. He had a Pentax MV, which I was allowed to use. He was quite ambitious, and even developed his own colour slides and prints at home, which is really, really tricky, because there’s not much margin for error, and you can’t use a safelight.

I did quite a lot of darkroom work for my PhD, but that was all black and white. It’s so much easier now everything is digital, but there was something magical about the darkroom.

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  1. You ought to consider your next book being a book of wine related photographs. Vineyards, a bit like golf courses, are great places for taking pictures especially when the vagaries of the sun and sky are taken into account and it’s clear you have a talent as well as the opportunity. There are a few very good books out already but with your name on a book, Jamie, it would sell!

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