Where is this? Picture quiz

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  1. I was going to say Argentina. Looks like I was on the right track from the other replies.

  2. The buildings look like Southern Europe, and the gnarly old vines don’t look very New World to me. I’d say Spain, Bierzo would be a good guess, especially as Jamie recently went there and the fairly dull mountains reach 2000m in those parts. If not, outside chance of Campo de Borja or Calatayud – gnarly old Grenache with Sierra de Moncayo behind.

  3. You are all too good. The old vines, the (just about) mountains, the old building – these could well be the Roussillon, but actually it’s Bierzo. Stunning region, with lovely wines from Mencia and Godello.

  4. Yep, got that one. The Moncayo is a very differnt shape.

    Those are proper mountains tho, Jamie!

  5. cool the blog is evolving into a sometime wine/geography quiz – and we all love a quiz. very clever people saying bierzo – although pleased that i thought old vine grenache and spain !! if i’m ever running a quiz team it is clear that andrew h would be a massive asset – stunning knowledge and razor sharp logical brain. come to think of it, given the bad news re cameron as pm maybe we should set up a wine political party and elect andrew h as the spokesperson/leader …?

  6. What a picture, wow. I need to learn more about vines, they look more than old. Ancient! I had no clue, glad these other smarties could clue me in!

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