Some more Sonoma pics

7 thoughts on “Some more Sonoma pics

  1. Pretty boring photos Jamie….

    No real composition whatsoever – try and do a bit better next time please.

  2. same photo different query to paul for me jamie….. why the vine concentration camp look ? i’ve never seen anything like that before. perhaps with it being california that each vine has it’s own tv aerial and a flat screen gets rolled out in due course to entertain them – if you force fed them 10hours a day of jerry springer/similar genre it would bring a whole new perspective to ‘stressing the vines’ !

  3. The ugly rusty trellising caught my eye – its a sort of split canopy system with permanent cordon, and was a solution for rows where the original row spacing was too wide, so two canopies were introduced from each vine with bizarre trellising to split them

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