Pictures from the vineyard at Denbies


Pictures from the vineyard at Denbies

Took the dogs for a walk around England’s largest vineyard yesterday – Denbies in Dorking, Surrey.

The weather was glorious, on the hottest October day since records began. Clearly, you want warm, dry weather like this just before harvest to help the grapes reach ideal maturity. Yields looked a bit patchy: some varieties seem to have fared much better than others with the dodgy weather during flowering.

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6 thoughts on “Pictures from the vineyard at Denbies

  1. Hi Jamie.
    I love what you do as wine anorak and would like to explore the opportunity of giving some real joy to the winemakers that you meet on your travels.Please can you give me a call anytime before 10pm today (sunday 2nd October) on 01403 891163 (just south of Horsham).
    Ian Gerard-Pearse (aka ‘GP’)in the wine business
    I would vey much like to talk to you about our new ‘radically’ new wine business the FWN.
    Looking forward to your call. GP

  2. Again Jamie you take the time to upload and post photos, that aren’t properly exposed and lack any composition – that’s your weakest point I feel when taking photos Jamie, learn to use the rule of thirds.

    Just because a photo has colour, doesn’t make it great. I think they’re all very amateur.

    Disappointing especially considering the amount of time you spend behind the camera.

  3. I still have a few bottles of their Chalk Ridge Rose, when I taste it I find it hard to believe it’s english

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