Snow, puppy and Port

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Snow, puppy and Port

From all the fuss, you’d imagine we’d never seen snow before in the UK. But for each of the last three winters, we’ve had a good dose of the white stuff. And as long as you haven’t got to get anywhere, or do any work, it’s a nice distraction. Quite seasonal too.

Unfortunately, Fiona had to go to pick up elder son from his school in Somerset today. She encountered some appalling driving conditions, and had a narrow escape when she did a 360 degree skid on the motorway at one point.

I had it easier. A friend popped round with his kids and younger son and I went out sledging on Cooper’s Hill, near Egham. We couldn’t stay too long, though, because of the fat slug at home with RTL.

Fat slug has finally opened her eyes, just a bit. And she’s got a lot, lot fatter. She’s a giant puppy.

This is definitely Port weather. My tipple of choice is the fabulously complex Quinta do Noval 20 Year Old Tawny. It’s pretty serious: warm, rich, spicy, beguiling, and utterly delicious. But I have also got some nice looking Ports in my tasting queue.

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  1. Hate it personally and the Xmas I spent in the UK last year,was the worst in over 40 years.
    Give me a warm Xmas any day!!

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