Pug puppies and two good Champagnes

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Pug puppies and two good Champagnes

Nipped over to my sister Hester’s last night to see their new pug puppies. They already have an adult pug, and these new recruits take the pug quotient in the Beavington household to 3. And twin sister Anne has taken another pug from the litter.

They are incredibly cute, although labradoodles still rock more than pugs (official).

To celebrate brother in law Beavington cracked open a couple of good bottles of fizz.

Larmandier-Bernier Premier Cru is a dry, extrabrut style with real precision and focus. I really like it: complex, restrained, savoury.

Champagne R&L Legras NV is a Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, at a remarkable price (under £30) for this quality. I actually preferred it to the Larmandier Bernier. It had some generosity, but also a lovely delicate, precise character. I wonder how this will fare in our new year blind Champagne challenge?

Here’s a film of the pug puppies:


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7 thoughts on “Pug puppies and two good Champagnes

  1. The Tradition is decent, but the Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut is a real step up in quality I think. A great example of the ripe, approachable style of BdB Champagne.

  2. So lovable! Funny to see them drinking milk. Puppies in the U.S. get no milk once they’ve left the litter. (Unless they’re preemies or rescued and quite young.) It’s water-softened kibble for a short bit and then straight on to regular kibble. We’ve got two golden retrievers — our second pair– but when we move on to smaller dogs it’s pugs for us! Happy Thanksgiving…where we’ll be lapping up some sparkler, too!

  3. Any chance of some Charlie Heidsieck in your tasting? It keeps winning awards but the Goode/Bevington tasting would be the real challenge. Plus, it’s available at Morrissons where they have a 25% off six at the mo : )

    Just an idea. Looking forward to it anyway.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Could you let me know where I could find these champagne for my restaurant. Thanks!!
    Love your blog. May the natural force be with you!

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