Eight nice gins

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Eight nice gins

I tried these eight lovely gins last night. They are part of the Bibendum Wine gin portfolio.

Hepple Gin
45% alcohol. From Northumbria, this is a juniper-forward gin and it’s lovely. Very aromatic with a juniper lift and hints of mint. Nice intensity here: it’s spicy and vivid with real depth. 8.5/10

Edinburgh Gin
43% alcohol. This is refined and aromatic with a juniper-heavy nose. Rounded and smooth, this is really textural with nice spiciness. Really smooth and refined. 8.5/10

Sipsmith London Dry Gin
41.6% alcohol. Warm spicy nose with a herby edge. Rich with some juniper character but also cedar and cinnamon hints. Very smooth, complex palate with some exotic spiciness. Fine grained. 8/10

The Botanist London Dry Gin
46% alcohol. This is made from the regular 9 gin botanicals plus a further 22 foraged botanicals. This is just so refined: it’s elegant with a layered complexity. Rich and complex with finesse and fine spiciness. 8.5/10

Half Hitch Gin
40% alcohol. Distilled in a pot still with added tinctures. Contains Malawian black tea and bergamot. Lovely complexity here: herbs, scented wood bark, aniseed and earl grey tea. Very smooth and complex, and quite distinctive. Lovely weight. 9/10

Brockmans Gin
40% alcohol. This is usually garnished with berries. It’s very exotic and fruity with attractive, intense berry flavours. An outlier with its dominant sweet berry notes. 7.5/10

Silent Pool Gin
43% alcohol. Made in Surrey. This is quite herbal and floral with some lavender notes alongside the juniper. Distinctive, tangy and spicy on the palate. Really herbal and expressive. 8/10

Eden Mill Love Gin St Andrews
42% alcohol. This has rose petals, hibiscus and marshmallow root in the list of botanicals. This is quite creamy and textured with a rich mouthfeel, as well as some sweetness and some fine spiciness. Very expressive. 8/10

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