Lunch at the Harwood Arms followed by a great game

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Lunch at the Harwood Arms followed by a great game

Had a brilliant day yesterday. It began with lunch at the Harwood Arms, together with Joe Wadsack, Will Willis and Stuart Bowman-Hood. Proceedings began with a pint of Sambrook’s junction: rich, a bit hoppy, and with a distinct note of eggy sulfide (Burton stink is the correct term for this?). This went very well with the Harwood scotch egg. I should point out for the record that Stuart declined his scotch egg, and was very slow with his pint. He was hung over from a party the night before. The shocker? He got drunk on Gewurztraminer. This must be the first recorded cases of a Gewurz-inspired hangover ever. I’m sure of it.

Then it was on to the wine. Will had brought a mystery fizz with him. Clean, fruity, some nice toastiness. New world – and, remarkably, Joe nailed it as Coonawarra. It was the 1995 Katnook Chardonnay Brut. This had developed beautifully, and was still quite pure.

Next up, a brilliant Rully. Albert Sounit Rully Saint Jacques 2007.  Seriously good white Burgundy, this.

This went well with a starter of wild rabbit and prune faggots (below).

The highlight was the roast beef and marrow. Not complicated; just incredibly good. Joe served a wine blind: it was clearly new world Pinot Noir, but had real elegance. It turned out to be Peregrine Pinot Noir 2008 Central Otago. It was thrillingly delicious. And to follow this, Poeira 2004 Douro – one of the top Douro table wines, from a very fine vintage. Rich but balanced with a lovely mineral streak to the blackberry and dark cherry fruit, and beginning to drink well, but some way (I reckon) from its peak.

Then it was off to Craven Cottage to see City v Fulham. Awesome game. 4-1 to City, who played very well, looking fluent and purposeful in attack. Best I’ve seen them play this season.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch at the Harwood Arms followed by a great game

  1. Jamie…City were superb.
    Kompany was, as always, a rock…and De Jong was everywhere…the modern Nobby Stiles!

    The left back Korolov is a big plus with his marauding runs…and playing Yaya Toure more forward means we have 4-5 players around the box when a cross comes in.
    Now…if only we could play consistently…I would predict something.
    Being a fan for 50 years…….

  2. I blundered into your admirable site after an attempt to relive vicariously on-line a truly memorable meal at the Harwood Arms God alone knows how many years ago – certainly before the Michelin tyre-pushers caught up with what was really happening to food in London.

    I also – curiously – have fond memories of dear old – or should I rather say – young – Joe Wadsack who was at the time imbibing assiduously in pursuit of the elusive M.W.
    I was captivated not only by his enthusiasm and bonhomie but most of all by his dashing – and very effective – impersonation of a Russian cavalry officer de-corking his champagne with one swish of a sabre – I recall Joe was able to do this courtesy of a kitchen knife – not quite so romantic but terribly impressive.

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