Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011, the new release

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Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011, the new release

The world’s most famous Sauvignon Blanc has had a few rocky years, but I reckon the 2011 is right back on form. This is a bity expensive compared with its peer group, but it’s really tasty. And it has that fabulous label. So stylish. I grew up with this wine, so it still has a strong association for me.

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Marlborough, New Zealand
13.5% alcohol. Aromatic and lively with lovely grapefruit, white peach and elderflower notes. It’s quite exotic. The palate is ripe and fruity with fresh citrus and tropical fruit characters, as well as subtle greenness. Beautifully vibrant. Drink this as young as you can! 91/100 (£18.99 Majestic, Waitrose, BBR, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason)

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4 thoughts on “Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011, the new release

  1. I attended a very enjoyable horizontal of CB Savvy in ’02 covering a 10 year spread – ’92 at 10 years old was my favourite of the session. CB definitely lost its way for a while, but I also feel that it is now back on track; interesting to see whether the latest releases might prove to be as age-worthy. Generally, I do not put Sauvignon in the same bracket as Chard’y, Riesling or Chenin in respect of ageing potential, but CB used to buck that trend – interesting to see whether it still can.

  2. Still holds special memories for me Jamie, but fundamentally, given the Plethora of better quality Marlborough Sauvignons for 70% of the price of Cloudy Bay I think we’re all being mugs if we don’t do the ‘VFM’ analysis on this wine – even if as you say the wine has improved following a lack of direction over recent times.

    For me it’s there at £40 on a restaurant list to catch people who go for the obvious and is at this price because it is owned by an organisation familiar with the margins achievable from Champagne and Luggage.

  3. How many bottles of this are made, 5m? For the numbers it -is- an impressive wine.
    And it’s impressively consistent. I remember the launch of the new vintage here in Poland, 12 different bottles all tasting exactly the same even with different foods. Technological winemaking at its very best.

  4. Personally I find it hard to fault this wine.

    I live in the tropics and I’ve drunk it at lunch and dinner with a spicy Malay dish, a typical Chinese noodle dish and a traditional Indian banana leaf meal and every time it works! A truly versatile new world wine and at about £125 a case in Malaysia, it would appear to be pretty good value. Cheers!

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