Back from NZ, some more pictures

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Back from NZ, some more pictures

Arrived back this afternoon. Flight was made uncomfortable by a cold that I’ve developed. I’m now feeling a bit lousy. So I don’t really feel up to anything more than posting a couple of pictures from the trip. Top – Awatere, Marlborough; below – Waiheke; bottom – Waihopai, Marlborough.

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5 thoughts on “Back from NZ, some more pictures

  1. Is that a lake/reservoir in the bottom photo?

    It is so serene it looks like a giant swimming pool. Awesome!

  2. Is that a ‘man cold’?

    Interested to spy today in the National Geographic magazine, a map of all the world’s antipodes. Most of Europe and Russia have their antipodes in the central Pacific, with relatively little land overlapping. But New Zealand has its antipodes over Galicia and Portugal. Otago would be out at sea north of La Coruña, Marlborough lies over Albariño / Alvarinho country, Martinborough lies between the Dao and Douro, Hawkes Bay in the Alentejo, and Auckland pairs up with Seville. Very few Pinot Noir hotspots in this part of the northern hemisphere.

    Just thought you might be interested!

  3. Good point, Nick – but the same latitude in the southern hemisphere is considerably cooler than the same latitude in the northern hemisphere – not sure why but there must be a reason for it

  4. The ocean – the gulf stream in the Northern hemisphere,combined with a lot of land area that absorbs heat better than the sea and mainly lots of blue stuff down here.

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