Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

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Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

I’m just back from a trip visiting the wine regions of New York State. Here’s a short film giving you an idea of what the Finger Lakes, the largest of the wine regions here, looks like.

Over the next week or so I’ll be writing up the visits in full detail, explaining a bit about the wine regions of New York – and what makes them special – and also recommending some of my favourite wines and producers. For now, though, there’s just this short film to whet your appetite.

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6 thoughts on “Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

  1. Hello Jamie,
    As probably one of the few producers in the Finger Lakes who has been reading your work for 10+ years I was bummed I missed you during your recent visit to the Finger Lakes. We are not part of the NYWGF, the group who organized your trip, but I feel like we play an important role in the “face” of the Finger Lakes. If you would like to chat, or taste our wines I can make it happen. We work w/ Bibendum and can also send wines easily from our sister estate, Chateau St. Cosme in Gigondas.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip and perhaps we will cross paths. Sincerely, Rick Rainey – Forge Cellars.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get to see you. The NYWGF were pretty strict in who we could see, although we were allowed a few visits with non-members. Would love to taste the wines.

  3. Thomas Bachelder had actually reached out to me and I think tried to get us connected but it was not to be. This is the challenge when these org’s set up trips as it is “members only”. Are you heading back this way anytime soon? I think you have been spending some time up in Canada over the last couple of years. If not, I will check w/ St. Cosme and try and at least get you a few bottles to taste. Sending wine from there is far easier than from NY.

  4. It was a great pleasure to have you in the region and I hope that your tour, however tightly managed, left you with a strong enough impression that you’ll come back for further exploration. I look forward to your tasting notes and learning from your view of the FLX.

  5. Jamie,
    That Thomas is a tricky fella! I would of loved to serve you some Riesling blind..well, maybe next time. When I make my way over to England to do some work I will certainly make sure to look you up. If you find yourself in the Rhone or Finger Lakes please let us know. All the best!

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