The real wine fair dinner in pictures

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The real wine fair dinner in pictures

Cracking night last night. Dinner with the growers at the Real Wine Fair. 200 people, a gazillion bottles of natural wine, and simple but delicious food. I didn’t take any notes, but I did take my camera, with a trusty old 28 mm manual focus lens at f2.8. Considering how much wine was consumed, it’s amazing that any of the pictures are remotely in focus.

A brilliant skin contact white from Zidarich: so refreshing, complex and long.



From Julian Castagna, a very rich, ripe example but with good definition.

A magnum of Gringet from Belluard, 2010 vintage.

A magnum of Matassa: reductive, taut, great definition.

A thrilling St Joseph: one of the wines of the night. Utterly seductive and elegant.

Foillard’s Morgon Cote de Py 2010 in magnum. Minerally, taut, fine.

Natural wine champion: Mark Andrew of Roberson.

Schioppettino: this is a thrillingly peppery, perfumed wine. Just amazing.

The wonderful Mr Douglas Wregg.

Natasha Claxton (R&R) and Joe Wadsack.

A beautiful Loire red: so elegant. From 1995.

Memorable wine from Paolo Bea.

Alice Feiring and Tim Wildman

Craig Hawkins, Alice (hiding) and Tom Lubbe.

Brilliant skin contact white.

Joe’s face says it all. A truly stunning wine. Flor aged, if I recall correctly. Must try this again.

Cheers Alice!

Ben Henshaw, Indigo, with Doug.

One of my favourite sparkling wines.

Thierry Puzelat.




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5 thoughts on “The real wine fair dinner in pictures

  1. Great celebration. Good shots and a Castagna to boot. I’ve taken into consideration that you didn’t take notes, George Ohsawa comes to mind.

  2. Sounds like my version of the Cannes Festival, all my favourite celebrities were there. Note to self – MUST attend next year. Any Real Wine Fair in Manchester ? Had a St Joseph from Jean Delobre from La Ferme des Sept Lunes when I was in Paris 2 months ago…such beauty.

  3. The Vin de Voile pictured spends seven years in barrel with no topping up. The grape variety is Ondenc and is only found at a few producers in the Gaillac region (near Toulouse). The Voile refers to the crust(veil) formed by the yeast and is left undisturbed. The producers are the Plageoles family (Bernard and Myriam)and they produce a wide range of astonishing wines at reasonable prices, and are completely organic

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