Eyrie Original Vines Pinot Gris, and a synaesthetic label

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Eyrie Original Vines Pinot Gris, and a synaesthetic label

This is a remarkable wine on two counts. First of all, it’s a superb Pinot Gris, made without the use of any sulfites. Secondly, the label, which is synaesthetic. Winegrower Jason Lett has painted the wine. That is, he has represented the flavour of the wine visually in a painting that forms the label. In some ways, the label tells you more about the flavour of the wine than a tasting note, and when he takes a note on a wine, Jason draws a sketch of the flavour as well as part of his note.

The Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris Original Vines 2011 Oregon
Yellow gold colour. Wonderfully rich nose of ripe apples, grapes and spice. Really enthralling, with some apple pie notes. The palate has richness and freshness with some spicy grip under the fresh yet rich white peach, apple, pear and herb notes. Real interest here: rich yet fresh with lovely complexity and a mineral dimension. 94/100

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6 thoughts on “Eyrie Original Vines Pinot Gris, and a synaesthetic label

  1. Thanks for sharing Jamie. Very interesting label as Im quite partial to synaesthesia (and wonder why more wine producers arent exploring the topic, be it only for marketing reasons). Strangely I cannot find that label anywhere on the web – is it a new design? Do you have a better image / close-up?

  2. I really enjoy this wine. Wojciech, this wine was just released for the first time in the last two months, and its very low production so I’m guessing that’s why no photo of the label online? Lett has taken this sort of label for a small batch Pinot Noir from 2000 that is named Marguerite too. Beautiful approach. Excited to see you’ve gotten this wine there, Jamie.

  3. I have a bottle, and will open it soon. There is a magnum available locally, so I shall have to purchase one.

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