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I Taste Red

The science of tasting wine

My third book, exploring the way we perceive wine. It won the Roederer Award in 2017. You can buy it using the links below:


Understanding faults in wine

Book three for me: an exploration of wine faults, discussing when a fault is actually a fault, and the nature of beauty in wine. You can buy it using the links below.

Authentic Wine

Toward natural and sustainable winemaking

This is my second book, and it was co-authored by Sam Harrop MW, published in 2011. You can buy it using the following links:

Wine Science

The application of science in winemaking

This was my first book. Published in the UK by Mitchell Beazley, and in the USA by University of California Press (as The Science of Wine: from vine to glass). Glenfiddich Award winner. This is the second edition from 2014.

You can buy it here:

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