Cabernet Franc ambassadors tasting


Cabernet Franc ambassadors tasting

Very enjoyable day’s work today, judging 103 Cabernet Franc-based reds from the Loire.

Sam Harrop has been working with InterLoire for a few years on the Cabernet Franc project, which aims to increase the profile of this wonderful variety, as well as encourage producers to make better wines through developing a winemaking protocol.

One aspect of the project is to select wines that can act as ambassadors for Cabernet Franc. To this end, Joe Wadsack, Sarah Ahmed, Christine Parkinson, Nick Room and I helped Sam choose around 35 of the 103 wines that we thought were particularly good.

I really like Loire reds, so this was an enjoyable tasting. It’s always nice to work with colleagues in this sort of collaborative setting. And we had  a good lunch though, at The Atlas, Seagrove Road (near Earls Court), where the tasting was held. I had a pork terrine to start with and then a fabulous gnocchi with ox tail ragu, washed down with a fantastically flavourful pint of Meantime Pale Ale.

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  1. Global warming has been kind to Loire reds – recently drank a 2005 Anjou Villages with 14% natural. Be good to know what looked good in the tasting.

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