Two from Mas Belles Eaux


Two from Mas Belles Eaux

Mas Belles Eaux is the Languedoc outpost of AXAs wine empire. Christian Seely was captivated by the potential of the terroirs here, and since 2002 has invested heavily in the property, which is situated in Caux, near Pézenas. A new winery was built and has been in operation since the 2008 vintage. This is a property still finding its feet, but I really like the understated, elegant direction the wines are taking: you won’t find late-picked, dead fruit wines here, or lashings of new oak – something that sometimes happens when Bordeaux guys get involved in warm climate winemaking.

Mas Belles Eaux Mourvèdre 2009 Vin de Pays d’Oc, France
13% alcohol. Assertive and spicy, with vivid berry fruits and a savoury streak onn the nose. Sweetly fruited palate with some herby notes, as well as some tar and pepper. Lively, grippy and taut with lovely freshness. There’s potential for development here: the wine improves after a day and holds up well over three. 88/100 (£14.99 Bennetts Fine Wines, Robin Greatorex Wines, Noel Young Wines, Vin Neuf, Lockett Bros, Aitken Wines,

Mas Belles Eaux Vieux Carignan 2010 Vin de Pays de Caux, France
13.5% alcohol. From vines at least 60 years old. Juicy, bright and fresh with nice cherry and plum fruit. Ripe but still fresh, showing a supple, highly drinkable personality. Lacking a little complexity, but deliciously balanced with nice acidity. 89/100 (£14.99 Bennetts Fine Wines, Noel Young Wines, Vin Neuf, Halifax Wine Company, Lockett Bros, Aitken Wines,

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3 thoughts on “Two from Mas Belles Eaux

  1. No comment on £15 for Mourvedre and Carignan from a 10-year old winery (88 & 89/100 by your reckoning)? Seems a little steep no, especially given your comments on Armenia (£22) back in June last year?

  2. Have to say this estate has a very low key local presence (not stocked in cavists, don’t support local tasting events) – something that’s sadly not uncommon when money from outside is concerned.
    Seems to retail for around €10 in France and £14 in the UK – the UK price would be lower if there wasn’t an importer involved.

  3. I’m currently on holiday and staying a couple of miles from Mas Belles Eaux so went to see them yesterday for a tasting
    Eventually found someone who wasn’t too keen to help since she was in the office, anyway I wasn’t able to taste but she would sell me a carton ie six LEs Coteaux 2009 at 9euros a bottle
    I think BBR are selling it for around £9.50 if you buy six
    But the price at the cellar for the CArignan and Morvedre was 7euros which compared to your UK prices is hugely different
    Having visited a number of growers the cellar price and UK price don’t seem to be that different especially those that the WIne Society deal with -well done Marcel O -W !!!

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