The natural wine fair

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The natural wine fair

Spent a good portion of today at the natural wine fair in Borough Market. It was a fantastic location (though hot sunny weather or sheet rain would have played havoc), and the tasting itself was stunning. An embarrassment of riches. Here’s a short video of the event, which I hope gives you a brief flavour of things.

I tasted widely, but I certainly didn’t taste everything. Some great wines, new and old. A great turn-out from the growers, too.

Thierry Puzelat of the Loire

Frantz Saumon of the Loire

Anna Martens of Mount Etna, Sicily

Tom Lubbe, Matassa, Roussillon

Pierre Breton of the Loire

Salvo Foti of Mount Etna, Sicily

Xavier Bruguiere of Pic St Loup, Languedoc

Jean-Claude Lapalu, Beaujolais

Jon Bojanowski, Languedoc

Olivier Vacheron, Roussillon

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10 thoughts on “The natural wine fair

  1. Agree with you that it was a great day and the location worked well.

    While there were numerous wines I wont be rushing to buy, there were some truly sensational wines from Anna Martens, Jon Bojanowski, Pierre Breton, Tom Lubbe and the delightful Elisabetta Foradori.

  2. Looks like a great event, open air too. Nice chance to try some wines a tad different.

  3. Hi – just a little update after the fair. 2,000 attendees in total including 900 on the consumer day. Terrific energy and goodwill, in a sense the public were more responsive than the wine professionals. The venue worked – doesn’t Jules Chauvet say that one should taste in the open air. Amazing hospitality – thanks to the restaurants who hosted us and our growers over the fair. Thanks to all the partners in the wine fair who worked with enthusiasm and dedication to put on an event in which it was a privilege to be involved, and, of course, huge thanks to the growers, who were generous with their time and their wines and brought a little corner of their forgotten terroir to Borough Market this week.

  4. I wish I could have gone! What an opportunity to taste so many different wines and meet so many wine people. (I also wish someone would organize a similar event in Spain!) From what I’ve read so far it seems to have been a great success.

  5. Looks great – wish I could have attended but no way I could spare the day unfortunately.

    Which wines was Pierre Breton showing? Was he showing his 2005 Les Perrières? That has to be one of the greatest examples of Bourgueil I have ever tasted.

  6. Latest vintages of Dilettante and Trinch and Perrieres 08 & 95. (As well as Chinon and assorted Pet Nats and Vouvrays). The 08 Perrieres was beautifully taut – this one will keep.

  7. Looks great and wish the movement will progress towards certification of some kind. I spotted the book “le vin en question” by Jules Chauvet, a book that I cannot find anywhere on the net. Do you remember the name of the seller?

  8. Hi Irvin, It is Jean-Paul Rocher, a specialist editor in Paris. The book is an interview between Hans Ulrich Kesselring and jules Chauvet in 1981 with all the ums and ers left in!

  9. I drank Anna Martens’ Vino di Anna on Friday night and very good it was too. But why has there been nothing on wineanorak about Manchester City’s triumphant end to the season? My better half only breathed two or three times through the second half of the cup final.
    You must have cracked open something decent to celebrate, surely?

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