I’m strongly drawn to lesser-known grape varieties like Schioppettino, both for the wines they produce, and also for the fact that they tend to be restricted to certain localities. This is a delicious wine from a variety that very nearly became extinct in the 1960s – apparently it was down to just a few hundred vines.

La Viarte Schioppettino 2007 Colli Orientali del Friuli, Italy
13.5% alcohol. Beautifully aromatic. Fresh, sweet red cherry and raspberry fruit with elegant sappiness and subtle green leafy notes. The palate is fresh and bright with sweet cherry fruit and a meaty savouriness, as well as nice acidity. Bright and distinctive with some pepperiness and lovely freshness. 92/100

UK agent: Richards Walford

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  1. Thanks for the note Jamie. La Viarte is a nice winery making elegant, balanced wines – I particularly like their whites.
    You mention green leafy notes – in fact the reason why Schioppettino was being abandoned is it’s notoriously difficult to ripe, even with low yields. There are almost always green notes. I know you like some greenness in context (I do too), so it’s interesting how others would react to this sort of wine.

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